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First harvest of new potatoes this  year.  Pink Pearl.

Looks like I’m going to have scab again this year even those these were not grown where I grew potatoes last year.  Oh well.  doesn’t affect the flesh.  I’ll scrub this and it’ll come off.  The skins on these are almost non-existent.

I planted this variety specifically to eat as new potatoes while I wait for the other varieties to mature.  I’m harvesting about 2.5 months after I planted them.  Potatoes seemed to come on fast this year.  

I pulled up 2 plants but wasn’t enough for a meal so felt around and harvested a few more from around a couple other plants.  I think I got over a pound …maybe close to two pounds?  I stuck the 2 plants I pulled up back into the ground.  Not sure what will happen with them but I’ll find out soon  :)

Not as heavy yielding (yet) as I’d hoped but that soil is pretty sandy, rocky and thin altho it has some pretty good fertility.  

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