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So…let me share a portion of the list of shit I need to do sometime this summer in my garden and let you know that I shall be attempting a great lot of it today so as to utilize the cooler temps and lovely weather.  Hence, the photo above represents the futility of my mission. Which is pretty much everyday really.  The life of a gardener.  It’s hardcore people!

  • Mow front lawn ~ AFTER I move all the stepping stones to another area so that I can actually do it RIGHT this time which means digging up weeds and replanting a bunch of ajuga and digging more to set the stone properly.  this also includes starting to bag up and pile up grass clippings for mulch.
  • Plant more annuals I bought and compost bare areas in perennial/herb bed.
  • Dig up Nearly Wild rose and move it to new rose garden.  Dig up failed roses. Lay down cardboard and mulch over top of it with anything I can find to kill sod to make rose garden bigger.
  • Weed vegetable garden and part of perennial/herb garden
  • Install soaker hose to tomatoes and start mulching tomatoes.  
  • Stake tomatoes
  • Install net for cucumber plants after I read up and figure out if these are bush or climbing.  Can’t remember
  • Repot smaller tomatoes into bigger pots or possibly find a garden spot for them.  That will give me about 40 fucking tomato plants.
  • Mulch summer and winter squash with aged chicken litter
  • Hill up LaRatte fingerlings, Ozette fingerlings and German Butterball potatoes with straw
  • Find a place for melon plants and amend with aged chicken litter and compost
  • Pot up basil seedlings
  • Plant out kale seedlings
  • Pot and/or plant out sunflower and zinnia seedlings (I don’t have enough fucking potting soil I’m sure)
  • Cut back roses that are finished with first flush of bloom
  • Fertilize containers in front yard
  • Put some string on cool dead fall teepees for beans to climb
  • Turn compost pile and find as much as possible to use in garden
  • Mulch pots of peppers and eggplants with chicken litter
  • Harvest more stuff
  • Find time this week to clean out hen house and start new pile of litter for aging to use this fall.
  • Water new plants and containers everywhere
  • Dig up daylilies, creeping phlox, sedum and iris from under maple tree and replant to Death Valley after I compost the fuck out of it

I think that’s all.  It’s all I can remember right now.  :)

I remembered some stuff.  I have to dig up a bunch of plants under a maple that’s grown massively and put them in holding and then mow down that area and think about either letting it go to “grass” or creating a shade garden there.

I also have to dig up some hostas that are under the cottonwood tree and put them in another area so as to continue this thing I got going on in front of my main perennial/herb border.  Continuity people.  It’s important.  

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