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Potting bench love :)  I have some more shots I really like of my dilapidated old bench tucked away in a corner of my back yard where I try to save plants, pot up plants, and do stuff :)  I love this space in my life, as messy crazy inefficient as it is.

And why yes!  That is an old enamel double boiler that’s helping a tomato plant stay hydrated on hot days till I figure out what to do with the plant :)

Those are some coleus tip cuttings I’m going to root.  When I pot up coleus I always pinch them back.  Coleus need to be pinched back often so they stay nice and full.  :)

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  1. mamitah said: during my childhood, my mother always had coleus, lots of them! they filled out almost every window. I think i read somewhere that they can be eaten
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